About Us

For over 15 years, Lagomorph Design has served Chicago's most discerning residential clients, interior designers and architects. These collaborations have brought to life an extraordinary collection of custom furniture, cabinetry and millwork that tastefully combines modern day sophistcation with the quality of old work craftsmanship. Our facilities utilize state of the art equipment. Our work is inspired by our modern lifestyles, luxurious wood veneers, clean lines, perfection of style and incredible textures and finishes punctuated by an organic mix of materials. Lagomorph Design would love the opportunity to collaborate on your next project to make your vision a reality.

Our Story

Seth Deysach is the creative director and owner of Lagomorph Design and MDRN Furniture, a line of semi-custom furniture. Lagomorph Design started when a friend suggested Seth build furniture and fixtures for a local salon, a surprising notion given that he had never made furniture professionally. Ignorant of his own ineptitude, he set up a shop in his tiny dining room and alley behind his rented apartment. Inspired by his success but convinced he could do better, Seth founded Lagomorph Design in 2001, committing to building his business and learning the craft of woodworking. From one of a kind solid walnut bicycle frames, truly heirloom furniture pieces to whole house cabinetry packages, Lagomorph Design has built a truly diverse portfolio for a broad client base of designers, architects, and retail customers. Please let us be part of your story.


Seth Deysach

+773 218 7956

Ryan Greene  - Shop Foreman

Ryan Greene - Shop Foreman

Pete Bolema  - Lead Benchman

Pete Bolema - Lead Benchman

Olivia Dhamee  - Finisher

Olivia Dhamee - Finisher


Bryan Boline
Project manager

+309 310 6561

Mark Bartak  - Lead Finisher

Mark Bartak - Lead Finisher

Bobby Everly  - Lead Benchman

Bobby Everly - Lead Benchman

Calvin Olszak  - Finisher

Calvin Olszak - Finisher


OFFICE administrator

+773 304 8362

Jeff Forsythe  - Lead Installer

Jeff Forsythe - Lead Installer

Nathan Philp  - Junior Benchman

Nathan Philp - Junior Benchman


Richard beckman

+315 573 6241

Nick Foli  - Installations

Nick Foli - Installations

Brian Hayes  - Junior Benchman

Brian Hayes - Junior Benchman